Guild policies


Like any organisation DVDF has a set of rules and guidelines. They worked well for us in Guild Wars, so there is no reason to change them in Guild Wars 2.


  • Break any of the EULA rules set by NCSOFT/ANET.
  • Use rude/abusive/foul/obscene language or swear, at any time for any reason.
  • Grief or harass other members or players or participate in discussion about illegal or offensive topics, such as racism or sexism.
  • Attack or flame people in public or on a public forum.
  • Use offensive or obscene character names (characters with names in violation of this rule must be deleted).
  • Use Guild Chat for any trading related activity, including price checks.
  • Insult other players or teams in PvP for any reason.
  • Leave groups suddenly while in a dungeon or party without good reason ("rage quit").
  • Do anything that would put the guild into a bad light.

Server Policy

Our primary server is Gandara.

Rolling on our server is important for players wanting to participate in WvW with the guild, but players on other servers are not excluded from any other guild activities. We welcome players wishing to join from other servers, but there will be some penalties imposed by the game, such as being unable to WvW with the guild, lack of world bonuses from our chosen server or missing out on some guild features such as bank and banners.

Should an EU server be unacceptable and ruin your enjoyment of the game, then Tarnished Coast is our US alternative, but bear in mind the limitations imposed by the game.

Influence Policy

We do NOT require people to earn a certain amount of influence. Influence is great to have and, in the early days, essential for development of the guild, but we do not police or monitor contributions.

Only the Guild Leader activates queued upgrades, but a road map is published so guild members know what their hard-earned influence is being spent on.

Our aim in the early days is to build up our guild infrastructure first, such as guild banks, emblems and the ability to queue more than one upgrade. Most buffs are localised and temporary so are added only as and when the occasion allows.


Guild Wars 2 allows a player to be a member of multiple guilds at once and choose which one of them to represent, which determines the guild that benefits from their earned influence and the guild chat they participate in.

DVDF has an open policy to multi-guilding and allows people to go to whatever guild they wish, whenever they like. We only ask that players swapping guilds let us know in guild chat (something along the lines of "Just dropping into XXX guild, see you soon" is fine) so friends in the guild know where they have gone and do not think they have "rage quit".

The onus is on us all to make DVDF a great place to be so people will want to make us their main guild, but we are also adult enough to realise that people have friends outside the guild and events they might want to join in. We do not try to prevent or punish people for doing so.

Voice Comms

The use of voice comms is recommended for some types of gameplay, such as dungeons or PvP, but not compulsory for DVDF membership.

Guild or team chat are the default means of communication between guild members and teams are expected to use team chat wherever possible to allow inclusion of players who are unable or prefer not to use voice comms.

Mumble is our primary voice comms software, but we also have a Ventrilo server as an alternative.

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